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don't want to miss a second of tonight's show. c'mon! ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. the deceptions continue. the most open, transparent, honest, loaded with integrity administration and congress in the history of the world is exactly the opposite. that is weird, huh? yesterday was union day at the white house. i mean officially. we all know by now every day is union day in reality at the white house. don't we? >> before debating healthcare, i talked to andy stern and seiu members. >> are you fired up? ready to go? are you fired up? ready to go? >> glenn: nothing better than the president doing that in a big union meeting. let me introduce you to a new guy. stewart atoff, the chief of staff of the utility workers union of america. yesterday on neil cavuto's show neil asked him point blank: are you pretty cool with the so-called wealthy footing the bill for everybody else? here is what he said. >> you're okay with taxing rich guys to pay for it, right? >> absolutely. they got a $2.5 trillion tax cut under president bush. why not ask them to pay a little bit now to fix our healthcare
. haiti has been hit hard by a big earthquake. we'll have the very latest. >>> the fleecing of america. how did this happen? a perfectly modern airport, paid for by your tax dollars with no scheduled flights. >>> no deal. the latest twist in thlate night drama. conan o'brien tells nbc he will not do "the tonight show" after jay leno every night. so now what? >>> making a difference. a woman giving others the gift she found when she got here. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-unersal television >>> good evening. we have a developing story, a breaking news story tonight. a major earthquake has h haiti, to the south and east of the u.s. and cuba. magnitude 7.0, making it the largest quake ever recorded in this region, according to the u.s. geological survey. the epicenter, we are told, very close to the capital city of port-au-prince. because details at this hour are sketchy, nbc's ron allen has been pulling together all of the latest developments from our newsroom in new york. good evening. >> reporter: each report fro there makes the situation souns worse. a powerful
>>> on "america this morning," breaking news, the catastrophic earthquake in haiti, leveled buildings in port-au-prince, and fears what could be an astronomical death troll toll subpoena search and rescue teams do anything to help. >>> full coverage of the disaster. and frustrations in sending in help. >> it's wednesday, january 13th, 2010. >>> good morning. and thanks for being with us on this special edition of "america this morning." i'm vinita nair. >> and i'm eric horng. jeremy hubbard is on assignment. we begin with the still breaking news. the worth earthquake to hit haiti in two centuries. surveillance video taken in the dominican republic not far from the epicenter, show the frigeninscene as people run for cover. and new pictures from "the new york times," set the scene in haiti, as thousands are feared dead and hundreds could be trapped. >> hundreds of buildings are either damaged or destraited. communications in and out of haiti are virtually cut off. and it could be some time before aid arrives because the airport is now closed. the cost guard has ships and plane
question america's top bankers about the financial collapse. >>> and the late night shuffle. conan o'brien says no thanks to nbc's plans to push back his time slot a half hour. this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, january 13, 2009. >>> good morning. thanks for joining you. i'm michelle gielan. total disaster and chaos is how one official described the scene in haiti after an earthquake rocked the nation. the 7.0 quake hit before 5:00 p.m. yesterday. this morning the scope of the disaster is just beginning to emerge. it's reported the capital is largely destroyed, casualties are numerous and severe, thousands remain buried beneath the rubble. whit johnson is with the latest in washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the widespread destruction is making it difficult for rescue crews to begin their effort. there are nearly 2 million people who live in haiti's capital city and at this point most, if not all of them r in desperate need of some kind of aid. help can't come soon enough for haiti. the 7.0 magnitude earthquake laid waste to the country's capital city. th
if this is the woman that can lead us and not lose her soul. here we go. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. welcome to the program. sarah palin is here. when we were just in the scene, there you just said two words. >> yeah. that trust thing, you nailed it with that question. you know, trustworthy people surrounding us, leading us. we've got to be able to tru trust -- it's very, very dangerous to trust people in business of politics, glenn. >> glenn: the reason why i selected this particular location for several reasons but one is the statue of liberty. one is the statue of liberty. there are very few things, if i say think of the capitol building, you don't trust it. think of the courthouses, i don't know if everybody trusts that anymore. think of the white house, you don't trust that. think of the people you trust. i have learned in the last year i can't trust anybody. i know the moment i learned that. i can tell you the specific moment and the specific person, where it took my breath away and i went oh, my gosh, i'm living in a different world. >> yeah. yeah. >> glenn: do you know that moment? >
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to the united states of america throughout its history. haiti sent troops to fight with the american patriots who were fighting for their innocence against great britain and -- independence against great britain. in savannah, the battle of savannah, many haitians lost their lives which was one of the turning points of the columnists turning the tide against the british army. many valiant haitians died for our independence and actually during history when haitian military had a 12-year war with napoleon's army, haiti defeated the great napoleon's military and therefore france was in need of finances and france at that time controlled the louisiana territory. it was because of haiti's defeat of france and their need for cash that the united states was able to buy the louisiana territory, the same as the louisiana purchase, which therefore opened the west to the united states and louis and clark then went throughout the continent. so if you look at it, haiti has had a tremendous amount to do with our development as a nation and so we now owe a responsibility and i believe to our long-standing fr
>>> good morning, america. on this wednesday, january 13th. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. breaking news this morning, a major earthquake devastates the impoverished nation of haiti. thousands are feared dead. others are trapped in the rubble. it's the worst earthquake to hit the region in two centuries. >> 3 million people affected. homes, hospitals. and even the presidential palace crumble in the face of the 7.0 quake. details still sketchy at this hour. we're live in the region. >>> also this morning, the nation's top bankers set to be grilled in congress. could any of them actually face criminal charges? >>> and conan o'brien says thanks, but no thanks. breaking down in tears in front of his staff. he tells them, if nbc moves the time of his show, he's gone. >>> good morning, everyone. our top story this morning, of course, still developing, as america and the world scramble to help haiti after that massive earthquake. one aid official says it is total disaster and chaos. the quake was centered about ten miles from the crowded capital city of port-au-pri
, margaret carlson. in new york, mike barnicle. >> an interesting war heating up between one of america's largest and most powerful corporations and china. google is threatening to exit china. on the front page of "the wall street journal" and we'll talk a good bit about conan o'brien and jay leno. late night wars that heat up. >>> first, let's go to news, mika. and certainly have lots to talk about in haiti and beyond. >>> breaking news from haiti. because it is day break, revealing a picture of complete devastation this morning after haiti's capital was all but destroyed in the most powerful earthquake to hit the region in more than 200 years. the magnitude 7.0 quake was centered just ten miles from port-au-prince, an impoverished city of almost 2 million people. the extent of the damage and death toll is just coming to light. tens of thousands homeless and power and communication systems remain cut off. the exact number of victims is not clear. humanitarian workers are bracing for the worse. rescue efforts face immediate obstacles with hospitals in ruins. the u. in peace keeping head
into international investment. >> i don't like america's team. >> caller: at least in part because the business climate is better in those countries than it is in the united states. >> right. >> caller: but my question is, if other countries are so much more attractive and business friendly than the united states currently, should we have even greater 20% --? >> i waffle over this. 20% is foreign. 10% is gold. that leaves 70% for united states. i am not giving up on this country. we have a lot of great values. remember, many of the s&p stocks and most of the dow stocks are international companies. they will take advantage of exactly what you're talking about. 20% overseas is very high. probably the highest of any money manager i know. that's how far i'm going and not a percent further. i need to go to mitch in south carolina, which i call carolina. mitch? >> caller: hi, jim. got a big-time boo-yah from charleston, south carolina. >> man, you've got that charleston university boo-yah. everyone's crazy about that school. go ahead. >> caller: -- around $40 a share just before the recent push. curr
salir bien ". tras la negativa de la directiva del america sobre el caso salvador cabaÑas su representante habla sobre el inter de algunos equipos europeos. hay una posibilidad tremenda en el sentido que hay clubes interesados en el asi como ya les habia comentado tambien a christian como vaaa, entonces ehhh nos estamos llendo a mexico para, para que dicen los clubes correspondientes, caso el cruz azul con el caso de christian xxxx lo quiere ahora mismo y america con salvador". entonces ehhh si ha existido interes por salvador cabañas, parece ser que es la primera vez en donde existe una oferta concreta real y una posibilidad cierta mas que nada no. "no en realidad ya existio ofertas completas ehhh en el pasado, pero lo de hoy dia nomas eh yo se que hasta es mas factible por un compromiso que tuvimos el agente del america para darle la posibilidad tambien a salvador a que cresca deportivamente vera, porque primeramente en el club america en caso de salvador en especial el club america es uno de los mejores mas importantes pa no decirlo el mas importante de mexico ento
on "good morning america." >>> and here's your wednesday weather. up to a foot of snow in the sierras, cascades and rocky mountains. rain from los angeles and san francisco to portland and seattle. the rest of the country is dry, with the exception of south texas where there will be rain from corpus christtoi brownsville. >> not as cold for most of the midwest with temperatures climbing into the 30s. 29 in boston. 35 in new york and 48 in atlanta. boise gets up to 44. and salt lake city 36. >>> and we'll have more news coming up. assistance getting around their homes. there is a medicare benefit that may qualify you for a new power chair or scooter at little to no cost to you. stay tuned for this important medicare benefit information and free scooter guarantee. imagine... one scooter or power chair that could improve your may title you to pay little to nothing to own it. one company that can make it all happen ... your power chair will be paid in full the scooter store. why should you call the scooter store today? because their mobility experts are also medicare experts. and that mea
about good morning maryland at 9:00 after good morning america. we will talk about haiti. that's something good morning america will cover but we will see what's going on, we will go live for the latest information. >>> now up to new york, more of good morning america at 7:00. have a great day. hey, gram, check out my favorite tee. oh, i love that band... but the shirt looks dull... ...and that stain! i know... where's your bleach? that's old school! hello?! what else is there? resolve bright and white, it's great! forget bleach! you can use this on whites and colors. just put detergent in and add resolve bright and white. wait, it goes right in? and it's safe! so detergent, bright and white, and done? you got it! (announcer) resolve bright and white has whitening agents to give you brilliant looking whites. it also has color boost technology to safely brighten your colors... and resolve's stain seeking power
oncenes, others are concentrating on relief efforts. >> ken is a regional representative for latin america. part of his job is to make sure that staff already in haiti are okay and to coordinate their relief services. catholic relief services has already committed an additional $5 million in response to the disaster. that will help pay for critical supplies. >> shelter, water purification tablets, plastic containers for water -- water is the essential item to supply in an emergency situation. >> some of the supplies are ready pre positioned in haiti. they will also be able to send in supplies from the dominican republic. that country had a mild hurricane season, so there are many supplies available. >> it is about a six hour drive. the road has been determined to be clear up to about 10 miles out of port-au-prince. >> more help could come by the way of a navy hospital ship. maybe it -- navy officials say that are poised to activate the ship if necessary. can be made ready to sail in five days. relief workers say if you want to do something, donate money, because monetary donations will get
hit $36 billion, up almost 10% from october. >> susie: america's factories get a bad rap. many people think manufacturing is an industry with no growth and no jobs. but there's lots of optimism at one metal parts factory in new jersey. erika miller went there to find out why, and discovered that this one company may be part of bigger trend. >> we've seen a pick up in demand since about the middle of 2009 across all sectors. and it actually happened very quickly. >> reporter: jim mcclintock is the president of micro stamping, a company that cuts metal parts used in cars, medical instruments, computers, and airplanes. the company is located in this unassuming building in suburban new jersey. but don't let that fool you. its perspective is big. is it fair to say that although you're a new jersey-based manufacturer, you have your pulse on the global economy? >> we do have our pulse on the global economy, and it's absolutely imperative. today's manufacturing environment, it's so easy to transact business around the world fluidly. >> reporter: the company is reporting a steady increase of n
, the republican seat, teddy kennedy's seat it's america's seat. >> he doesn't think it's teddy kennedy's seat and he's going to prove it. he's been running ads with jack kennedy saying he's for tax cuts, he's saying if i get in there, i'll vote to kill health care. he has a shot at killing this race in massachusetts. >> this could be one of the most interesting contests coming zblup what happens -- massachusetts votes for republicans. >> this guy has elected the bastille falls. the whole obama revolution, they had -- michelle and barack, it's all over. the 60 seats is gone. >> so michelle is marie antoinette now? the latest boston globe poll, 50-35. that's an average of all polls. that's one of the polls. look at that chart, it's closing there. >> but it's very very tough, and chris, you know, massachusetts, that's a huge thing to overcome there, i would bet -- >> how about we let the boston bruin's fans vote -- >> let's have boston vote in what we had a good shot here. >> are you going to go -- the boston post will be covering this? >> this is going to be a hot race, i agree with pat. >> was
stanley. the new bank of america ceo brian moynihan. coming to washington just as record prochts and record bonuses are being announced almost daily on wall street, while millions of americans are unemployed, and small businesses in particular complain about the lack of lending and a credit crunch. now, congress gave this commission a mandate and subpoena power to look at nearly two dozen issues related to the cause and effects of the financial crisis. in the first two days of the hearings, we'll not only hear from the top bank executives, but officials leading major federal and state investigations. as well as leading economists. >> i have just a couple quickies. this is republican and democrat run. >> yes, six democrats, four republicans. >> i want to assume and even think this is not a soviet show trial. they're not just going to bash the bankers. they're really going to go through an investigation, exploration, analysis, sort of like the 9/11 commission years ago. because we don have a consensus in this country on exactly what and why it all happened. we really don't. >> that
a healthcare plan as much as they want a healthy america plan. i think we'd like to encourage the incentives in the tax code and reforms in the systemç to encourage people to live healthier lives and like you've seen a number of corporations around the country that have begun to tie their premiums to employees based on have you hit your goal weight? i have a goal weight this year? did you quit smoking? have you been exercising on a regular basis and that lowers your premium. your creating an insensitive foç personal wellness butçw3 you'r talking about the current systems that don't invest in the things that encourageçw3 healt liveq sng çfá we would be able to cost save money for. a mere respiratory therapist work in a nursing home to help prevent pnemonia. the millions of dollars that would save medicare because the nurses are busy doing nursing things. >> preventative medicine issue is powerful and i'd love to hear more and maybe get you to pencil and paper. let me say to you that what your hearing someone struggling within the current medicare system that for some of you that ha
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in the neighborhood. and that is the united states of america. and i will do everything within my power to work with my colleagues to make sure that the resource and the partnership that needs to be established is established. haiti has an infrastructure that needs to be strengthened and i heard from people in my constituency professionals who are geared up and prepared to take their expertise back to haiti and to make sure that in the rebuilding of the nation, a building code is established and that can withstand natural disaster and that we are growing from strength to strength as opposed to rebuilding every time there's a natural disaster or crisis in the nation. >> thank you so very much, congresswoman clarke. let me point out there are other ways you can donate. unicef, 1-800-4-unicef. american red cross, 1-800-red-cross. 90999. that donates $10 to the red cross effort. this just in. the united nations are reporting this earthquake caused damage, as we know, to the national palace, other important buildings. the wash calties are an unknown number, tens, if not hundreds of thousands suffere
states. >> haitians are our neighbors both in the americas and here at home. he said we have to be there for them inheir time of need. >>> tonight, the haitian embassy in washington has been in communications with officials in port-au-prince. they're working on plans to raise many for the victims of the earthquake. elaine reyes joins us live from northwest d.c. with more. elaine? >> communication has been spotty all day, but they are certainly doing their best. they have planned a candlelight vigil for 7:30 here tonight for anyone who wants to come out. i can tell you it's been very busy. the phones have been ringing off the hook with haitian-americans worried about their loved ones back home. helpless is what haitian-americans feel when watching images from their home country. >> when you pray you find your strength. we are praying and working hard to see what the best way to help our brothers and sisters in haiti is. >> reporter: he and other leaders met with the republic's ambassador to the united states to get updated and brainstorm relief plans. >> we participated in the
this hour comes to us from elizabeth in massachusetts. for breaking news and worldly trends, america depends on "fox & friends." >> good morning, everyone. fox news alert. total disaster. that's how the small caribbean nation of haiti is being described this morning after a powerful earthquake rattled that country. three million people affected. thousands appear dead with many thought to be stuck still under the rubble. the 7.0 magnitude quake struck yesterday afternoon, the largest earthquake to hit the caribbean in 200 years. and we're getting lots of different types of images capturing all of the devastation. this video from the neighboring dominican republic shows people running for their lives after feeling the tremors and take a look at some of these pictures posted on twitter. the earthquake and its powerful aftershocks virtually wiping out the capital city in haiti. thousands of buildings destroyed including the national palace. right now, rescuers trying to reach people trapped in the rubble and officials say getting an accurate casualty count is not possible right now but it's exp
. she can't really explain who america is fighting in iraq. she doesn't know what the federal reserve board does. that was the level of ignorance we're talking about. >> job heilman and you and mark have to answer this profound question. how does the neoconservative right, the hawkish right, find such success in finding these empty vessels like her, like quayle, they find these empty vessels who know nothing about the world, nothing about foreign policy. who immediately begin to espouse the neocon line. i read her book, it's full of that crap. where do they find these people? they went on a cruise up there. what crystal and fred barnes went on some cruise to alaska and found her standing at the docks with an empty head say be requests i'm willing to say what you want me to say." how did we put these marriages to hell together? empty heads, right wing philosophy. >> i understand why you're confused. i see in sarah palin leadership qualities. you know, the country saw them, and we talk about them in "game change," where she has a following. she sold a lot of books. she continues to sell
warm welcome to "bbc wod news," broadca to our viewers pbs in america, also around the globe. my name is mike embley coming up later r you -- trying to sue theiplomatic -- trying to sue their diplomatic r withturkey. raelapologizes. and a tug of war over who should keep britain'siggest collection of anglo-saxon treasure. heo. you li in one of the poest countries in t world, 80%f you are no me than $2 per day. you are recovering from three hurricanes and tropic storm. and now this. in haiti, the most powerful ribbean earthquake in 200 years s left it is feared tens of thousands dead and unknown numbers dropped. -- unknown numbers tpped. he is facing an imaginable catastphe. the densely populated capil is now in chaos. we have the rert from the neighboring dominican republi it. already o of thepoorest untries in the world, it was a disaster zone. and now says. -- and now this. >> anarthquake just happened and many people are walking in front of me. [unintelligible] that was a lady screang. she was cryg. >> the national palaceas collapsed. at least five bi buildin have collapsed. it is r
miles of ocean between us, haitians are our neighbors in the americas and here at home. we have to be there for them in their hour of need. >> this was the worst earthquake to hit this nation into hundred years, and it is a country that has suffered in its history. four major tropical storms in 2008, civil strife and political turmoil have helped to make it the poorest country in the western hemisphere. it is hard to get a clear picture of the casualty is. much of the country is cut off. it needs help now. at the price, bbc news. >> as matthews said, the un headquarters is among those piles of rubble. the emergency relief coordinator is in our new york studio. give us a picture as you understand it what is happening in haiti? >> it is a very dramatic situation. the devastation is extremely large. we don't have any figures for casualties, but we assume they will be considerable. one of the big problems is the health and infrastructure has been overwhelmed by the number of injured. this is posing a enormous problems. the biggest lead we have is to coordinate and accelerate search
warranty, from gmc. with roadside assistance and courtesy transportation, it's the best coverage in america. >>> breaking news on msnbc. these are the latest pictures from haiti. more than 22 hours after a deadly earthquake hit destroying the poorest country in the western hemisphere. aftershocks are still rattling the capital of the port-au-prince, the epicenter of the quake. >> the number of victims right now honestly is described as being staggering. haiti's president says he believes thousands of people are dead. but in an interview, the prime minister saying he believes the number could be in the hundreds of thousands. the international red cross says one-third of haiti's 9 million people may right now be in need of emergency aid. >> schools and hospitals and government buildings have all collapsed. even the main prison in haiti collapsed. the u.n. received reports of escaped inmates. communications systems are destroyed making it impossible even in haiti to get an accurate understanding of the true extent of the destruction. >> u.s. military is sending a ground assessment team to hait
america. >> today's order to activate means get ready to go. the ship is waiting for its final orders from the u.s. southern command, whether or not it will deploy. as they said here at dock side, folks are saying they'll be ready to go by sunday night or monday morning. reporting live, scott broome. >> thank you, scott. the u.s. navy has also deployed the air carrier from norfolk. it will dock in florida to take on supplies and helicopters. the aircraft carrier will head to haiti and assist in the relief efforts there. >>> former 9news now director is one of the haitian americans trying to get word on his family. he used facebook to get his mother on the phone. >> she's okay, but nothing in the house that is salvageable. my uncle is also in the house. he is okay, and i asked them what are they going to do? she said she didn't know. >> his mother was inside when the quake hit and she said several people stayed away from buildings to survive the quake and the aftershocks. >>> dc based voice of america has so far been unable to reach its affiliates on the ground. they are providing i
together. haitians are our neighbors in the americas and here at home we have to be there for them in their hour of need. despite the fact that we are experiencing tough times here at home, i would encourage those americans who want to support the urgent humanitarian efforts to go to whitewhite where you can learn how to contribute. we must be prepared for difficult hours and days ahead as we learn about the scope of the tragedy. we'll be resolution in our response and i pledge to the people of haiti you will have a friend and partner in the united states of america today and going forward. may god bless the people of haiti and those working on their behalf. thank you very much. >> president obama, from shortly after 10:00 eastern this morning. the associated press writing that haitians are piling bodies along their devastated streets of their capital, port-au-prince, the president there saying he believes thousands of people are dead. shortly after the president made his comment the state department gave further details on u.s. relief, including comments about usaid part
at some other stories making news "early today" in america. >>> the los angeles police department is asking for the public's help to identify a suspect responsible for a hit and run accident that severely injured two girls. newly release surveillance video shows the driver striking a 14-year-old girl and her 3-year-old niece as they were crossing a street. officers believe the driver is female is and her white sedan may have damage to the front headlights. >>> in indiana, the search continues for ape man who tried to rob a woman's purse in broad daylight. security video captured the suspect engage anything tug of war with the victim who fell to the floor but would not give up. although the would-be robber left empty handed, police caution it's always best to let go of your belongings in those situations. >>> back in los angeles, a driver is in custody after leading police on a dangerous high-speed chase during rush hour. when the man wouldn't pull over, police spun his vehicle out of control. the suspect was arrested shortly afterward without further incident. >>> and firefighters
've got to call today. get jaw-dropping fios tv, america's highest rated internet, and unlimited nationwide calling for just $99.99 a month. plus a special double bonus: $150 back plus a free multi-room dvr for 3 months. don't wait. offer ends january 16th. call 1.866.699.fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v. this is fios. this is big. >>> stock market closed highier as several big banks testify before congress about the financial crisis today. >>> internet giant google is the victim of a cyber attack. now the company plans to retaliate. they said they have evidence of a highly sophisticated attack aimed at getting access of e- mail accounts of chinese activist. google is not going to sent results on its web page. >>> nano worked for i pod but how about a nano car? this is one of the world's smallest cars. it is made in india. not only is it small but it is the world's lotionest priced passenger car at $2500. >> i think it looks small on the outside. once you sit inside you go wow! you stand up high in the seats. you have good visibi
are trying to enter north america. the canadians stepped up that alert level a couple of days ago with police officers and security guards now patrolling major airports, this comes weeks after the attempted christmas day attempt to blow up a u.s. jetliner. later we'll talk to new york state's former homeland security adviser about the possible threat and concerns about the northern border. bill: fox's alert right now, getting word from the white house, we may see the president in about 15 minutes to talk about haiti, so we are watching that closely. and we're in with our -- in touch with our folks at the white house, too. when that happens you'll see it live. in the meantime on that top story, there was horror in that country of haiti, the most powerful quake in 200 years, striking yesterday, right about 5:00 east coast time, and images out of haiti showing the chaos and destruction in the streets, thousands are feared dead. relief efforts well underway and the red cross organizing aid, the u.s. coast guard mobilizing aircraft and the sea cutters near the carribean island, that massive quake
the list, bank of america and ford. you're watching cnbc, first in business world wide. @@@@@@ >>> welcome back. let's take a look at the business headlines of the day as our psi touched on earlier, the federal reserve, december beige book report, showing continued economic improvement across the united states. ten of the 12 fed's districts improving conditions. that's up from the eight districts showing signs of the recovery from the last report. >>> overall manufactures are optimistic. labor market showed continue signs of weakness. >>> the deficit grew by nearly $92 billion for the month. that's up nearly $30 billion from last year and marks a december record. it is the 15th consecutive month the deficit continued to grow. also another record. >>> bank of america cut the cash portion of its bonuses to its banker. the remainder of the bonus will be linked to the bank's stock performance. >>> overseas' investors are seeing strength out of japan this new year. take a look at chart. the topics, clearly outperform think the s&p 500 so far. up 4% against two for the
coast, maybe as late as 10:00 a.m. look, this is going to be america's recovery. america's probably going to have to take the lead on figuring out what to do in haiti. and that's why we should be expecting to hear that from the president, all the efforts that the government's going to be doing. >> we'll get back to that. and chuck, with the latest from the white house there, but let's get to the rundown. as day is breaking in haiti, we're getting a clearer picture of just how devastating this is. but there's still so much not known at this hour, including how many have perished. untold numbers, likely in the thousands, witnesses say. reports on the ground say dazed residents are stacking victims' bodies in the streets amid mountains of rubble. buildings are flattened. whole neighborhoods wiped out. we, as chuck said, are awaiting a statement from the president this morning. meantime, here's the u.s. ambassador to haiti speaking about this tragedy. >> it's a major catastrophe for haiti. we have gone through all this before. i'm quite sure that the hatian people, courageous as they ar
of the most famous republican in america. yesterday sarah palin the former half term governor of alaska turned republican vice presidential nominee turned again announcing her latest gig is as a paid contributor to the fox news channel. the announcement was yesterday, and today she got to work. >> there is an obvious disconnect between president obama and the white house, what they are doing to our economy, and what they are doing in terms of not allowing americans to feel as safe as we had felt and people finally saying this is not the representative form of government we thought we had voted in. after a year's time, people are saying, we want the white house, we want president obama to hear from us, we want these common sense solutions with health care, with jobs, with the economy, with the war on terror to be implemented so we can get back on the right track. >> so we can get back on the right track. we'll have much more on the sarah palin debut coming up. in terms of the substance of her critique, should be noted that a week from tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of president obama's in
, including testimony from the bank of america, morgan stanley, j.p. morgan chaise, and goldman sachs. and witnesses include representatives from the department of defense and state and the head of the u.s. pacific command. that is live at 10:00 a.m. eastern. >> the deadline is approaching to enter the 2010 student cam contest. top prize $5,000. just create a five minutes to 8 minute video on one of our country's greatest strengths or of challenge the country faces. enter before midnight, january 20. winning entries will be shown on c-span. do not wait another minute. >> republican representative mike hansen -- mike pence opposes health care bill. he recently hosted a town hall meeting to discuss the issue. this is little less than an hour and a half. >> welcome. this is the building we're pretty proud of, and a lot of the events have been here. we have quite a few elected officials. i am glad you are here. and here to do the honors for us. >> all lardner able and willing will send and prayed together. >> our father, is such a privilege to come before you in prayer. per is a gift, and
to the great challenges facing america. they don't like to hear it. >> bill: but there are a lot of conservative politicians giveing that message and none are as attacked personally, as vehemently as you are. president obama's numbers sinking. >> of course, they are sinking. it was a matter of time before more of that reflection of the people's uncomfortableness that they feel towards the administration is manifesting in the poll numbers. there is an obvious disconnect between president obama and the white house. what they are doing to our economy and what they are doing in terms of not allowing americans to feel as safe as we had felt and people finally saying you know, this is not the representative form of government that we thought that we had voted in after a year's time people are saying no, we want the white house, we want president obama to hear from us. we want these common sense solutions with healthcare with jobs, with the economy, with the war on terror to be implemented so we can get back on the right track. >> bill: isn't it true that no human being could lower the
appointed ceo of bank of america. john mack, current chairman, former ceo of morgan stanley and james dimon who we expect to hear from with our david faber within a couple of moments, james dimon, of course, of j.p. morgan chase. let me bring in now andrew ross sorkin, financial com up mist nift of "the new york times" and also cnbc contributor and analyst at dean's wealth management and allison, you were there at lehman brothers at neuberger berman as so much of this financial crisis went down. also david cotock of cumberland advisers and steve liesman rounds out, what do we have there a septabox? an old septabox. andrew ross sorkin, the most fascinating portions of this go back to one of the questions that you asked in your column yesterday directioned at lord blankfein and it had to do with the idea simply put that goldman sachs was manufacturing product and shoving it out the door knowing full well that at the same time they were doing that and representing it as good product to those who took it, they were shorting it, betting against it, knew it was bad. how did mr. blankfein's answer
second. we're going to be hearing from goldman sachs, jp morgan jamey die mon, bank of america's brian moynihan are all on the list. hampton pearson is live on the hill with a copy of what some of them may say. >> well, erin, that hearing will be chaired by former california state treasurer phil angeletis. looking at the testimony of those top banking executives, the goldman ceo saying among other things while goldman was largely immune from the bad real estate portion of the core of the financial crisis goldman has made major changes in risk management policies including reducing exposure to leverage loans and real estate by 80% since 2007 to $17 billion. defending goldman's $2.3 billion profit in 2008, and its compensation for top executives he says that basically the compensation for the top 400 executives mostly partners is actually down 77% and he insists that bonuses are very heavily performance based. at the top of the list of lessons learned he says, quote, a systemic lack of skepticism with respect to credit rating agencies and the failure of the risk monitoring mechanism insi
. for the chief executive at jpmorgan chase, the chief executive at goldman sachs, bank of america, and morgan stanley, that is good news as they prepare for their 9:00 a.m. appearance." john, what would you ask the bankers today? caller: probably 20 different questions. what i would start with would be for the chief of goldman sachs. if this free market that they are operating under and bundling securities, passing them off to unsuspected folks, if they were so wonderful how is it that they bet against the success of those as this moved down the tracks? they knew that this would fail. goldman sachs was the biggest culprit according to the article from "the new york times." that would be my question. host: thanks a lot. colorado, your questions for the bankers? what would they be? caller, turned down the sound, if you can. cathy, are you there? caller: yes. host: turn down the sound before you speak. caller: absolutely. host: what would you ask? caller: how can they sleep at night, having done what they did? host: we need you to turn down the sound. caller: yes, i am. host: that will make a di
trent lott, saying strom thurmond, who i voted for and who we all supported and america would have been a better place if he had won for president how that's just a toast? >> sean: more with reverand sharpton and ann coulter. harry reid's reelection campaign in major turmoil. you are going to meet the republican leading him in the republican leading him in the polls by double digits. ♪ singer:hen you're a rock star you get to party hard ♪ ♪ champagne and caviar ♪ tricked-out exotic cars ♪ it's just how i thought it'd be ♪ ♪ 'cept the party's not for me ♪ ♪ 'cause some punk opened a credit card with my id ♪ ♪ free what? (free credit!) report dot com ♪ ♪ that's the site i'm gonna hit when i go home ♪ ♪ they know how credit works ♪ they send email alerts ♪ now i'm finding out how bad reality hurts ♪ legal vo: offer applies with enrollment in triple advantage >> sean: harry reid proved today once and for all he's living in his own fantasy land. >> how are you going to turn your poll numbers around? >> i have a great campaign organization, my poll num
and i pledge to the people of haiti you will have a friend and partner in the united states of america today and going forward. may god bless the people of haiti and those working on their behalf. >> welcome back to "hardball." live coverage of the earthquake tragedy in haiti. let's go to chief white house correspondent chuck todd. this isn't about politics but action. is this a trial run for this administration? we have a guy rajiv shah, almost in the same position the bush administration was in with regard to katrina, with perhaps a more horrific disaster. >> it is. as the president made clear, this is going to be an american cleanup. this is going to be american-led disaster relief. there's nobody else to do it. haiti is in our back yard. we have been protector is not the right word, if we had been a protector this country wouldn't be in as bad a shape. we have been seen as the lone place to deal with haiti. this guy raj shah is dealing at a.i.d. he is going to lead this charge. i think it is fair to say it a trial run. we heard the guy on skype from salvation army how he has alread
in the pledge. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman from american samoa, mr. faleomavaega, is recognized for one minute. mr. faleomavaega: madam speaker, i ask unanimous consent to speak for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. faleomavaega: madam speaker , it is my great honor and pleasure to welcome the reverend to the chamber today. reverend samuel, as he's properly known in our smowan community, is from -- samoan community, is from my home district in american samoa. he's part of the congregational christian church in american samoa. he was appointed secretary to the partnership consultation committee of the administrative initiative of the church of christ. he was ordained in the mid 1990's where he became pastor of the bread of life church in honolulu prior to becoming secretary of the ccas. to my knowledge he is the first american samoan to give the prayer to the house.
. the uss carl vinson is running south as part of america's effort to help. and crews on the navy's floating hospital, the uss comfort, stationed in baltimore, are already preparing in case an official order comes down. family members are waiting to hear, too. but their wait is agonizing. >> i said of all times, you know? i wish maybe it was a day later. you know, but we -- we're all christian people. and we feel that it's just in god's hands now. >> reporter: and beam says her brother, along with his entire group are supposed to be staying at a hotel, in port-au- prince. but as of tonight, they have not heard from him whether they even made it there or whether that hotel is standing. we're live, weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> and our complete coverage continues now with meteorologist bernadette woods with more on why this earthquake was so devastating. bernadette? >> reporter: well, any time you have a 7.0 magnitude quake. that is high on the scale. major on a scale that runs up to 10.0. unfortunately, for this country, already poor. and already devastated from a lot of tropical syst
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